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 Are you ensnared with a cluncky old payment system alyways running behind the novelties and fashions of the global payments market?  

 Do you suffer from insufficient staff skills? Are your payment operations mired in inefficiency and too much manual effort?

Are you tired of all these rejected presentments caused by pesky interchange fee code driven by rules that ever keep changing?

Time to move on

Quite so many good established banks are saddled IT systems and applications that were built up within their organizations gradually over the decades, sometimes in a piecemeal fashion. For example, some transaction processing technologies still in operation were originally implemented in the 1990s or in the early 2000s.

The speed and reliability of these platforms is an ongoing issue, some of them nearing end of life or costing financial institutions considerable amounts of money to support and maintain.

A key challenge is that upgrading technology while maintaining business as usual is often difficult and risky, particularly for highly visible systems such as payment processing.

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More automation needed

Well, you are not alone!

Financial institutions need more than technology to proft from their IT investment; they must have people with the right skills and experience to run all these new platforms.

Research shows that banks are struggling to source people with technology skills. According to a study by PwC revealed in 2015 only five percent of financial services firms feel they can find the talen they need, and 72 percent listed the availability of key skills as a top threat in the firm’s 2016 CEO survey.

A key challenge facing chief executives globally is how to attract, train and retrain people who need to combine digital and industry specific skills.

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Fix the fees issue

The sole top reason for rejected presentments when acquiring card payment transactions is selecting an invalid interchange fee selection code (IDR/IRF code). This issue is constantly plaguing banks’ payment processing teams due to software that uses inefficient algorithms for interchange fee selection and fails to keep updated with the processing rule updates published by MasterCard and Visa. Did you know that overpayment of interchange fees by banks and financial instituions is more of a rule rather than an exception?

Why not turn the problem into an advantage? Take a look at Xenia Optimizer and learn how to automate and optimize your interchange fee selection reducing greatly the pressure on your team while in the same time getting a competitive advantage over other financial institutions and fintech companies.


Xenia is a fully functional card processing system for financial institutions and processors for acquiring and routing payments as well as managing the card issuance process. Xenia supports the full range of card products — credit, debit and prepaid — as well as transactions across all channels from ATM and POS to e-commerce and mobile. 

It is designed to be robust, scalable, with specific focus on ensuring faultless processingwhile optimizing operational costs.

Xenia Optimizer

Xenia Optimizer is a ready to go interchange fee optimization tool for banks and acquiring processors. Using Xenia Optimizer bank staff can monitor, analyze and control the process of setting interchange fees for presentments in the process of acquiring credit card transactions.

Xenia Optimizer can automatically re-process outgoing Visa and MasterCard presentment files guaranteeing the most favorable possible financial result.  Re-processing can be fully automated with Xenia Optimizer automatically picking up the outgoing MasterCard/Visa file, applying the most favorable possible interchange fee rates and sending it over for upload to MasterCard and Visa.

Bi-annual MPE full replacement and daily update files from Visa and MasterCard are automatically imported in Xenia Optimizer eliminating the need for frequent software updates and avoiding the risk of rejections.

Xenia Pre-edit

Xenia Optimizer Pre-Edit Tool offers intuitive user interface showing all aspects of the interchange fee setting process at a glance displaying and comparing all alternatives, evaluating alternative financial returns and allowing for what-if analysis based on the payment information.

Xenia Optimizer Pre-Edit Tool is simple to use and deploy and can be used as a complementary tool for your credit card processing solution. Like Xenia Optimizer bi-annual MPE full replacement and daily update files from Visa and MasterCard are automatically imported in Xenia Optimizer eliminating the need for frequent software updates and avoiding the risk of rejections.